Lost Virginity…

My sweet angel,

I am picturing you, straddled across my lap, while I am sitting up in my chair, with your legs through the sides of the chair…around me is the leather which holds the accoutrement in place…are you with me so far?  Has your interest picked up, my love?

My breathing has altered slightly and I imagine your curiosity has caused you to lean forward somewhat, which is good because I want you to lean way forward, up against my body, your breasts up close to me, as you are now poised over me somewhat, our eyes locked as you gently lower yourself onto me, never breaking eye contact, slowly, ever so slowly, lowering yourself, as I slowly start to penetrate your wetness, easily and comfortably, until you are all the way down, cradling you in my arms as you adjust your body to take in this foreign object, then slowly we can start to rock with each other, gently, rhythmically, slowly, methodically, building a pace all our own, as my hips rise to meet you gently, as you rise and then slip back down…our eyes remaining on each other as we do so, our softness and wetness joining us together…me finding myself kissing you, you finding yourself enjoying the stimulation, enjoying the ride as we find ourselves rolling together like liquid, unbroken, hearing our moans meshing together, building our excitement for one another’s enjoyment, you kissing me harder as your pleasure increases, both from the stimulation, as well as from the knowledge that we are again finding new ways to pleasure and enjoy each other’s bodies….Relax, you’re no longer a virgin.Image


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