My son-in-law…

I love my son-in-law….and I got this note from him this morning.

“After talking to my family today and trying to reach others, I want you to know how wonderful of a grandma you are and how much I appreciate that you want to spend time with the kids. You have spoiled us and have set the bar high for all grandmas and mother in laws out there. I hope one day we will be able to take root a little closer so we will be able to see you more. Missing you lots.”

He’s such a nice guy – kind, respectful, patient – a great dad.  Missing them lots today too.


7 thoughts on “My son-in-law…

    • I have been busy as heck! The very week we moved, the elderly lady that I take care of “on occasion” for her family decided she “didn’t want to walk anymore” so I was immediately “signed up” to go to her house, conveniently less than a block, to get her up, bathroom, shower, etc. twice a day. That lasted a month until the family decided enough was enough and put her in a home that could give her physical therapy. *rolls eyes*. It’s funny to me because she walks just fine when she wants to, nothing wrong with her but suddenly needed me to “wipe her butt”. Come on. Egad, man. But it’s whatever. And then I’ve joined a couple of real world groups to exercise with – one is something like “Strengthening workshop for obstacle course”, or something like that. Wow. And one dealing with Healthy Living. Just trying to get back into being healthier, you know. Must get back in here for my mental health as well. Thanks so much for your note! Super tight hugs!

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