Squirrels, Maria?

I’m fighting this battle right now – it started with one cute little harmless squirrel and I confess, I fed him.  Yes i did.  How could I not?  So dang cute.  And then he went home for the night, got on the squirrel internet, told everyone he knew, called up friends and family, gave them my address, and the next morning, they all caught taxis and swung in on grapevines and showed up at my house before I was even up and awake.  When I opened the front door, it looked like Dr. Doolittle’s house, with dang near a dozen little furry-tailed animals scampering away, my full bird feeder almost completely empty, no song birds in the vicinity, just footsteps running, eyes peeping from around trees and me, still in my jammers, wondering what the hell just happened.

At first, I thought, Okay, I’ll run them off and I did, chasing them, flinging pine cones here and there.  They’ve wised up quickly, running not together but every one in a different direction so I can’t chase them all.  *taps head*  So smart.  I moved the bird feeder.  They jump now, making it swing, which makes the seed spill out and then they eat it off the ground.  Thwarted yet again.

I bought Hot Pepper Suet, supposed to be loved by the birds, hated by the squirrels but it’s rained for two days now, maybe three, and no one is touching my suet. 

My girlfriend says, “The neighbors are laughing at you, chasing squirrels in your pajamas with mismatched socks!” and I say “Let them!”  I tried once to use someone’s opinion to pay the rent but that form of payment was rejected. 

Squirrel season…how long does that last anyway?


2 thoughts on “Squirrels, Maria?

  1. I loved this. You’re brilliant, lady. I’m sending you a big hug and big kiss. You gave me a big fat smile, thank you.

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