Apples apply aptly, I’ve heard it said.

Beggars beg best when they beg for bread.

Caramel cotton candy certainly can’t compete.

Dashing dazzling diners dash amidst retreat.

Every evening eventually comes.

Frankly, fresh fritters fry best in the sun!

Great gooey gobs, gobbled up fast.

Happy, hurried hostesses hustle on past!

Instantly imagining impressionable imps,

Jesting, joking, just jumping like chimps!

Kneeling, kissing, kicking and such…

Laughingly, lovingly, longing to touch.

Merrily marveling, mostly milling about

Naughtily nipping, nearly nodding, they shout.

Openly obvious and often ornate,

Petulantly?  Positively!  Persistently, they wait!

Quaintly, quietly, quickly, they stall…

Rambunctiously raging, ravenous and all!

Savory sweet syrup silently sticks to me now

Teasingly tasty, tormenting me and how! 

Utterly useless, unless you like twilight…

Very vain vixens seldom come out at night!

Where, why, when, what – they all seem to say…

Xylophones?  X-rays?  What nonsense today!

Yammering, yelling Yippee! and Yikes! 

Zestfully zany zipping…like children on bikes!


Absolutely Another Sweet Sugar Riotous Rush…



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