M&M memories.

Each day memories of me
clamor for attention in your mind,
each one sure that it’s the best,
and I’m smiling, in every single one
…every single time.
I wave and you blush, so sweetly.
You flirt and I take control, so completely,
manipulating, maneuvering,
each motion nondescript
and yet completely planned out
in my unplanned plan.
You think of me, I know you do,
I want you to.
I want to be the wildfire
that rages and burns,
ravages and yearns,
entirely consuming all other memories,
until they’re ashes, mere fodder for someone new,
but no longer for you.
Because you are mine now,
utterly, solely, fully mine.
Can you feel me inside?
That lump in your throat, that’s me.
Those thoughts you’re not used to thinking; all me.
Call me Ego and I’ll call you Right.
But doesn’t it taste good upon your tongue,
when you finally lay waste to me, as I melt slowly in your mouth
my body no longer your dream but your reality?
Oh sweet sweet chocolate that I am, eat me, baby.


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