Progress, bah.

I heard an owl just now this morning, three times he’s hooted and probably isn’t more than 100 yards from my bedroom window. I haven’t heard an owl since I was a little girl. It feels like I should note the time, 5:15 AM and the date, May 19, 2014 since this seems so significant. One of the last vestiges of the wild. How long do owls live? Was he here before the highway came through or just before the mall was built? Did his family live here before my apartment was built? Am I sitting where a tree was when his father was a little owlet? It makes me so sad that progress is really not pro-life and yet people get so angry with the wildlife. “A deer has been eating my vegetables!” Well, butthead, you’re living in his yard!

We humans think we have to have it all. There are so many empty houses, not just in this state but I think in all of them, because we can’t move into an old house and fix it up, “it’s too costly” but we can sign a piece of paper promising to pay $800K and more for a brand new piece of shit fabricated home while that good old sturdy house that someone’s grandfather built with his hands just sits there, becoming more and more a part of the landscape and we tear down more and more regions of trees and forest habitats to build ‘better’ housing, more housing, for more people. It doesn’t make any sense.

I swear there should be a law, that prohibits any more housing to be built until ALL of the old houses are filled with people first. I don’t care about your fucking granite countertops. Put it in, you lazy bastard, use that $800K and have it fixed up the very way your greedy little heart desires but for God’s sake, for the sake of God’s creatures, use what we already have. More, more, more, more, more…what the hell? The planet is not expanding, in case I’m the only one who’s noticed this fact. WE are expanding. We just keep on fucking and yet gay marriage is ‘wrong’? Seriously? You should be HOPING people will turn gay, encouraging them! *shaking my head* What will be next? I’m paying for water. Will it be air? Will a fucking fee appear on my utility bill for “air used”?

The owl has moved on. He has to get where he’s going, before the dawn, before someone moves in on the twenty foot piece of space he still has left to hunt in, before some yuppie complains that his little tiny foo-foo dog is missing, before a tree house is built for some over-privileged kid to ‘play in’ and Mr. Owl has to find a new home, again. After all, animals aren’t necessary for our survival, are they? It shouldn’t matter, should it? No one and nothing is important but us humans. What a stupid ass world. Foresight is just a word in the dictionary.


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