Bragging Rights.

Okay, I didn’t want to brag or seem prideful so I’ve waited two whole days to share my good news.

My recent doctor visit was anticipated and waited for, and with great results. My last blood work revealed an A1c of 13.9 (normal is 6). So after much tongue clucking and heads together discussions, I was given a couple of medications and sent on my way. ‘Go forth, be healthy, take your medications.’ I did one better. I did what I said I would do. I changed my way of eating, I changed my sedentary habits, and I become healthier.

My blood work this time, are you ready, drum roll, please…5.6. Oh yeah! All those twice a day 40-minute walks in the woods paid off. All that baked skinless chicken and the trying of new vegetables did the trick. No more fast food. No more CAKE. Veggies and fruit and lean meats, and turkey instead of beef, and oh my God if I eat ONE more wrap, it’s possible I’ll turn into one. Buttttttttttt, there’s no denying the results, black and white results – 5.6. That means my glucose went from about 960 (basically impending death) to about 110 (‘Hello, Normal, you good looking thing you!’). Sweet!

So, don’t think it can’t be done and don’t think you can’t do it. Because trust me, you can. The doctor, the head cheese, came in to see me and shake my hand. She said, and I quote, “I’ve only seen this happen ONE OTHER TIME, so I wanted to tell you Good Job”, and then she balanced a dog treat on my nose, which was weird but that’s whatever. I am incredibly happy with my results and I am absolutely waiting for next week to come because that’s when I hear…”my cholesterol results“. Those were exceedingly high as well previously and fiddle dee dee, I’m hoping they are “within acceptable range” this time around as well.

*squares up shoulders* I’m just getting ready for another pat on the back. And I’m thankful – incredibly, unbelievably thankful.


8 thoughts on “Bragging Rights.

  1. Applause! Followed by said pat on the back! Well done! This is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud. And the thankful will help it stick. Just had to “weigh in” (har har) and say you did good. Blessings!

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