Follow up to Bragging Rights…

Okay, so just in case you never think that things matter (this is actually a lesson for myself).

My production for the past couple of years has steadily declined, dropping my pay lower and lower and lower.  I figured I was ADD or some other initial that I don’t really understand and blamed whatever was, at least in part, to food additives or some other unknown entity and, at the very least, on my rapidly increasing age. 

OKAY. Now, this medicine has helped me.  The itching that I had prior to starting on this medication HAS STOPPED.  You cannot imagine how wonderful that is.  AND NOW since my sugar levels are not through the roof and in fact I’ve been able to stop ONE of the medications, my production on Tuesday was like 65; Wednesday like 65.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday.  YESTERDAY it was 117, and today, so far, it is 98.  SHIT MATTERS.

I have felt like crap for months and months and months, ever increasingly tired, etc. not to mention that fucking itching.  And now, yippee skippy I’m not tired, not itchy (okay maybe a little bit since I’m talking about it) and my production is increasing even as we speak.

Spread the word!  If you’re healthy, stay that away.  If you aren’t, get that way.  If you have diabetes and you itch, stop eating sugar!  I’m just saying.


2 thoughts on “Follow up to Bragging Rights…

  1. Itching is also a sign of food allergies. I itch if I ever eat something that has gluten in it. I suffered for years until a blood confirmed that I had gluten allergies. Once I changed my diet, things started to balance out and I no longer itch. YEAH!

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