Namaste, in progress.

Downward facing dog. Mountain pose. And a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t quite grasp. Yoga this morning, and I’m a work in progress. What I learned was that I can’t reach my elbow behind my back with my opposite hand, not even a little bit, not even close. My wrist, I can reach my wrist but my elbow is a mystery area. Plus I think there is something askew in my “following directions” part of the brain. It took me probably 20 to 30 seconds to grasp how to even reach behind me the way the tiny lady on the video was doing.

Elbow, back, grab, pull – these seemed suddenly like foreign words. What? My elbow? Where? Which hand is that? Oh my. Reverse Namaste? What? But eventually I got it, well, not the elbow but at least the wrist. And there was such a sense of accomplishment following this simple exercise. Like I had my doubts that I could do this, you know standing and pulling my hand behind my own back with my other hand. Complete chaos.

Tomorrow morning, I will move onto the next task, which I believe are sitting poses. Okie dokie. I watched a bit of it. She actually reaches back and pulls her buttocks apart, while sitting on the ground. Okay, that made me giggle. I mean, I know, I know – I’m an adult woman. But a little teeny tiny part of me is apparently a 12-year boy because that made me giggle. Twice now. I guess tomorrow morning, I’ll learn if I can do that to myself without falling over laughing. And I better remember – no raisins in my oatmeal or there could be consequences in a way I won’t like. Namaste indeed.


4 thoughts on “Namaste, in progress.

  1. I hope your sitting poses go well … and thanks for the laugh at the end (although I can’t see the value in that particular position but I am sure you will keep your readers updated as you go along). Good luck!

    • It’s all really new to me, so far I’m just following the video and trying to not hurt myself. The last time I tried yoga was ten years ago and I got stuck in a position that made my daughter laugh so hard before she finally helped me out of it. Thanks for the luck – I may need it.

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