Random Acts of Kindness


What have you done lately? Personally every time the landscaping guys show up, I give them an ice cold Pepsi. They are always grateful and it just feels good to make someone’s day a little bit better.


4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

    • I couldn’t agree more! Do something today! At Christmas time, I bought a huge thing of carnations and handed them out at the mall, to random people. The one I remember the best is a little girl about 6, who was so excited. It made my night for sure.

      • That sounds great! Here, a lot of people, myself included, set up Facebook pages dedicated to giving away free things. You can ask for something you may need or you can simply offer things that you no longer want. Members of the page then put their names in and one name is chosen. The whole idea sounds brilliant in theory but unfortunately cliques and favouritism are inevitable so it can be difficult at times for some people to get what they need.

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