In my continued efforts to further tempt and tease you, I dug out my brown suede leather belt this afternoon…I sit here now with it draped across my neck for inspiration, smooth side to my skin, suede side out so that I might smell the leather and feel it against my skin as I write to you…I actually have it cinched around my left wrist right now, feeling the weight of it on my wrist and across the back of my neck…when I put my head back, it pulls against my wrist and I can just imagine how it’s going to feel on you.

Imagine this….a luxuriously soft cotton terry strip tied to your left wrist, the other end tied to mine. Your right wrist is bound to the bed post with a soft pliable, brown suede leather strap, with the buckle still on it so that it could tied and cinched to your wrist and to the bed post. You are now tied securely but with about a foot or more of roaming around room, so you are not “tied” down into a fixed position. I want you to have a little freedom with your movement…you are tied to the bed on your right and tied to me on your left…But you are restrained in one way at least – I have asked you not to speak at all during this encounter and you have agreed to respect my wishes.

Imagine the soft smoothness of a blindfold against your eyes…now only cool blackness surrounds you…the air is silent except for your ragged breathing, the throbbing pound of your heart is one that only you can hear in your ears as a muffled roar.

Now out of the cool blackness, a single icy drop of liquid splashes upon your right nipple and I hear you suck in your breath and you wait…poised for more…but nothing follows…for a moment…the anticipation is making your breathing become more uneven.

And from the cool blackness comes a different sensation…a single drop of warmth caresses your left nipple, an oozing warm sensation that slowly crawls…down…your nipple, easing along so slowly, so warm, oozing, leaving a warm trail that you can feel…can you feel it?

Now finally, you feel my finger scooping up the warmth…and then, you feel my finger tracing your lips and you can feel the warmth that I’ve spread on your bottom lip and your tongue just has to know what it is, this warmth, and it’s so sweet, it actually takes a moment to register, because your senses are so alert now, tingling actually, but your brain sends back the message to your tongue, to your taste buds, honey, warm delicious orange blossom honey…but by now, your tongue has devoured it all, there’s no more, only that single drop, no matter how much your tongue searches your lip, there’s no more and the warmth has diminished from your nipple as well…leaving just a slight chill where the air has forced your nipple to rise….in anticipation.

You suddenly tug with your left arm, trying to pull me closer to you, but I am firm in my clasp on the strap and you are powerless to draw me to you…your bottom lip begins to pout and I take the opportunity to lean over you and gently tug your bottom lip in between my lips and suck on it. You eagerly try to rise to meet me and devour me back but the leather on your right wrist halts your movement toward me and I have pulled back out of your reach. You start to protest but I silence you with a kiss, a strong passionate kiss that leaves me breathing deep and leaves you wanting more. But again I have pulled back.

…another drop of warm honey hits you, right below your navel and is instantly followed by another drop and another drop and another drop as I make a dripping trail down, down, down, stopping just above your mons…the warm honey is starting to move as your body trembles a little more with each drop. You feel my tongue as I start to lick the honey from your stomach, inching lick by lick downward…my mouth is so full of warm sweetness right now and I move slightly back up and gently put my mouth on first your left nipple and tease you with my warm tongue and then on your right nipple…you can feel the warm thick softness of the honey in my mouth and I lean back up to kiss you again, letting you lick my lips, tasting the honey on me that was on you.

You have started to struggle against the straps again and, this time, I release you as I can take no more of the teasing because I want to feel your hands on my body just as much as you want to put them on my body…I lean over and remove the blindfold as well, kissing each eyelid, and you pull me to you and kiss me so passionately that I fall in love with you all over again.


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