The song is “You Lie”, by The Band Perry.

The reason it makes me laugh every time is one tiny line, really one word. Coondog. “Yeah, you lie like a coondog basking in the sunshine on my front porch.”

Heeheehee, they said coondog. And suddenly I am 4 years old and my granny is using the bathroom in our bedroom (okay it was a potty chair but this is my story) and when she stands up, I notice her privates.

“Granny, why do you have moss on your coondog?”

(Spanish moss is mostly a Southern thing, I believe, a type of air-plant that hangs from the trees, full of redbugs that make you itch, plus it will smother your trees if you let it. Hey, I was four; it looked like moss to me.)

(Coondog, well, that’s what my Granny called “it” as in “Don’t forget to wipe your coondog.”

“When you get old, you’ll have moss on your coondog too.”


I must not be old yet.Image

And now you know – The Rest Of The Story.


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