Two weeks…

Okay, so I’ll probably be missing for two weeks.  No sense in sending up smoke signals.  No search and rescue dogs.  I’m fine.  But the grandsons come on Monday, my birthday coincidentally, and I’m positive I will not be available on the internet. 

We will go to a science museum, zoo and aquarium.  We will visit a few Roadside America attractions, because resisting a 25 foot rocking chair or a robot made out of car mufflers is damn near impossible.  Last year I saw the world’s largest frying pan.  I mean, hello.  I was making plans for whitewater rafting but I saw photos this morning, that Mom and Dad beat me to it!  Those snakes!  😛  But the boys look like they are having a blast, and that’s the goal.  So now I’m thinking definitely zip-lining will be our big adventure.  And of course the lemur center because, hey, we can’t forget to visit our kin, the animals. 

We’ll also be making a bench out of pallets, and making our own Camp Grandma tee shirts, as well as numerous other craft projects.  I haven’t found my camera yet, but hopefully there will be photographs, lots and lots of them.

Two weeks of nonstop action, nonstop laughter and hugs and love, unconditional love.  If I don’t survive, at least you’ll know – I went out smiling.Image


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