Waiting on the call, from America’s Got Talent.

Up early here, just waiting on the call from AGT. Oh yeah, the grandsons are talented.
The oldest one is wicked smart, wants to be a teacher, maybe an off-the-beaten path teacher but a teacher.
The middle one is a high energy junkie, and will probably invent some kind of skateboard that lets you fly over trees or something.
The little one, though, that’s the one – I’m just sure America’s Got Talent is going to call at any time. He is an imitator. If I cough, he coughs; if I ask him if he’s making fun of me, he laughs. When I say sit down, apparently I say that with my eyebrows up, because he sits down and looks at me with his eyebrows up. And last night, I am 99% sure he said “Grandma G”. Okay, it was more like Grammagee, but yeah, that’s me. *rubs hands together* Just waiting on the call.


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