No dying on the side of the road – check.

Advice asked for – check.

Advice given – check.

I appreciate all kind words, and all advice given.  I do not want to die on the side of the road.  I’d like to think that I have enough sense to stop should I feel that I am literally dying on the side of the road.  😛  I mean, I’d like to think that. 

What people really want when they ask for advice, well, looking back, I think I really wanted someone to agree with me.  “Why yes, G, you CAN do this!  By golly, you go, girl!”  That may or may not be realistic.  But you guys are not Yes people and I am thankful for that.  And I do appreciate your concerns, and your awesome advice. 

Creating a different scenario to raise awareness, great idea.  Reading about others’ experiences and reaching out to them for advice, fabulous idea!  Staying local to do these things, good advice probably, for safety reasons.  Putting myself in harm’s way, okay, probably NOT the safest journey to make, I will agree. 

And maybe, just maybe I do think I’m invincible.  I mean, I have almost died at least a half dozen times and look at me!  Ta-daaa!  Alive!  Go G, go G!  I mean, I’ve drowned, fallen two stories, been shot at more than once, flipped over in a car, choked geez dozen of times (I don’t even eat steak anymore because of this), survived running through downed electrical wires in the rain, driven home a hundred times too drunk to remember (I quit drinking, I promise!), smoked enough dope to buy Peru,  and probably a few more things that I can’t recall off the top of my head.  So yeah, I’m thinking, God isn’t going to kill me – I’m probably a lesson for someone else.  😛 

Okay, so you’re thinking – Big deal, lots of people undergo things.  True.  I have been incredibly lucky.  I’ve never been set on fire.  I mean, score, right?!  I’ve never been attacked by a wolf, bear, or shark.  I have survived hurricanes but venturing further west will leave me potentially susceptible to Tornado Alley and the fury unleashed in that part of the country.  No serious flood or locusts.  Whew!  Can’t say enough how glad I am about that. 

I mean, I am talking America.  We still have ice cream trucks, and little league games.  There are fences that keep most stuff off of the roadways, and I was planning on traveling by road.  And hell, after the first month, won’t I be in better shape?  I mean, that’s part of the goal.  Eating lighter (read starving 😛 ), not being sedentary within my days (Thank God!), and finally some peace of mind, ALONE TIME (a valuable, albeit not resellable, commodity).

WAIT.  Do you think I can pull a Port-a-Potty on a wagon?  Are those things heavy?  Ah, damn.  I suppose they aren’t along the roadside in say, Arizona, are they? 

Okay.  Well.  Hmmm.  If you see a woman squatting behind the tumbleweeds while you’re driving in the mid-west, at least wave.  I’ll have one hand free.


5 thoughts on “No dying on the side of the road – check.

  1. In life I believe we can achieve all that we wish and desire if we have the will. I trust you’ll be fine and it shall be a wondeful adventure. If my advice was not what you wanted to hear then I’m not sorry I was thinking of your health. However, this is your journey and I wish you the very best and I am sure it will be one heck of an adventure that I’m sure at some point I’ll read about. Enjoy the ride x

    • HUGS! Yes, it will be, win or lose, finish or never start, you’ll be one of the ones who knows. And maybe in the next couple of weeks, while I wait for August to arrive, maybe I’ll “grow out of” wanting to go; it’s just that I am feeling stifled, you know? I’m sure you can relate on some level – to that feeling of trying to fit into a box you no longer fit into. I’ve been a caretaker for as long as I can remember, since I was 22 at least I’ve supported a family. I’m tired. I want to do something for ME. FOR me. Maybe I just need alone time. 😛

    • Oh and keeping me safe is a great idea! Not to be pooh-pooh’ed upon at all. I feel that I spelled that wrong but I digress. Great idea, just not typical for me. 😛 Live dangerously, if only for a moment. Okay, if that’s not right, how about, Do something every single day that scares you. There you do.

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