Old letters

Do you ever write late at night and then never send your thoughts in the light of day? I ran across some of those this morning.

“The very idea of you dipping your finger into your wetness, and then sucking it off of your fingertip is absolutely so sexy, it almost makes me dizzy. I just went into the bathroom and I was so slick, it was almost unnatural….this wetness you cause me to have….this desire that I feel so deeply for you….and it’s somehow strange to me how just your words, without even your caresses, are enough to stimulate me beyond belief…arouse me so completely….your provocative nature is so very sensuous, virtually inflaming me with such a deep desire for you…and I love that you admit your power over me…that you know how you affect me and that you delight in doing so…yes, I truly love that…just as I delight in knowing my power over you…for I do feel I affect you, I do feel I stimulate you, I do feel I make you wet, and I hope to make you wetter still when I see you again, soaking wet, dripping wet, dripping into my mouth, soaking my face with your juices, letting it run down my chin, my neck even…yes, I do hope for such things to happen and I am just the woman to lick all of that up again and again and over and over.”

“I want to give you a gift…I think it actually begins with my tongue and winds around through my brain picking up the most sinfully delicious thoughts and delivering them to your ears…for the things I want to say to you make me actually tremble with anticipation for you.”

And now they’re finally read.


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