Row, row, row your own boat.

I added more strengthening exercises today…specifically the Rowing Squat.  Who, I want to know, who squats while they row?  Anyone?  NO!  No one does that.  No one should have to do that!  There’s seats in boats, I’ve seen them!  But I did 45 of them before my body said, “Stop, stop, stoppppittt, just stop”.  And that’s added to 1066 steps, oh yeah, and some segway (which should be called Lean-Over-Until-You-Think-You’ll-Fall-Way, and some tilt table and of course just for fun, Advanced Snowball Fighting.  I’m telling you, that one is just too much fun.  Those rowing squats said it would tone up my thighs and something else.  Well, it better.  Snowball fighting is my reward for the rowing squats.  😛

$15, you guys!  C’mon, take up a collection, for Pete’s sake.  A dollar from 15 people.  You’d loan me a dollar, wouldn’t you?  Well, loan me a dollar and I’ll just avoid you for a while.  Totally worth your dollar!

Anybody, somebody? At least spread the word for me, guys!  It’s for a good cause!  And I am working my butt off.

(DISCLAIMER: The CF website says there are two categories, Timed and Non-Timed…please do not be mislead.  I will NOT be participating in the Timed event.  It’s just not happening.  In fact, I might take the Jack-Ass award for dead last but I WILL FINISH.);jsessionid=186D7306AA3042CB009163771F6CE0B6.app212a?px=2143672&pg=personal&fr_id=2820


5 thoughts on “Row, row, row your own boat.

    • Arms straight out in front, then bend your knees but not so far that they “stick out beyond your toes”, pull your arms back, bringing your shoulder blades together, and then back up…repeat. The exercise calls for 15 of them, so I did three sets before my calf muscles said NO MORE!

  1. Right as I was beginning to read your post, I took a big drink of ice water. . . I’ll admit, part of it came back out as I started laughing. Your sense of humor comes through in your writing and I enjoyed it. . . even if it got me a little wet.
    I checked out your link and what you are doing is for a great cause. I’m sure you feel just as strongly about your cause as I do mine, Muscular Dystrophy.

    • Absolutely I am very passionate about it. My grandson lives in Florida and I live in NC, so I am not around him on a daily basis or anything. This summer I had him and his two brothers for two weeks. I was horrified at the amount of medications he consumes in a day. He starts off with a handful plus some kind of “drink”, then two pills before ANYTHING he eats, even if he just ate an hour ago, he’ll need two more pills. And he’s only six. He’s already had surgery to clear out nasal polyps. He takes a breathing treatment every day just so he can breathe the way I take for granted breathing. And he’s cheerful, and upbeat, and I’m crying just typing this. In the 1950s, those kids only lived to be about 4 years old. In the 1970s, they lived to be about 40 years old. I don’t know what the average age is these days but I hope like hell my grandson outlives me. I love him wicked bad. And thanks for reading, and for laughing.

      • Sounds like he’s a sweetheart. Now’s the time to smother and spoil him and his brothers before they get “too big” for all the kid stuff. 🙂
        The medical community is coming up with new solutions and ideas every time it seems I turn my head. We have to keep hopeful that one day, it will be our turn, for sometimes hope is all we have. Peace.

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