Why steal when you could just ask?

21 hours ago my post was about how great I was feeling.  This morning, however, I’m just annoyed.

My bike’s been stolen.  Apparently me and the bike had bonded because I woke up and instantly thought, “My bike has been stolen” and then I thought, ‘That’s crazy. Get the flashlight.’  And of course, my bike has been stolen.

You know the funny thing is, if you’d knocked on my door and told me your sob story, I would have given you my freaking bike.  You don’t have to steal from me.

AN HOUR LATER:    Okay, fine. I feel better now. I still hope whoever took my bike develops boils on their backside but whatever.  UGH.  I’ve exercised and I feel great.  Did my triceps extensions.  Did my rowing squats, for what I’ll never know.  Did my 20 minutes of steps, while holding my stomach in and my shoulders back (Dear God, how did I get so out of shape?).  Did my balance exercises.  And showered.

C’mon, Life, what else you got?


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