Plop, plop, fizz, fizz….

You know, relief can come in so many forms.

Like when you’re in the car and it starts to rain really hard but then stops again before you get where you’re going. What a relief that you don’t have to get wet!

Or when you hear about a certain food being recalled but you didn’t buy that brand because it wasn’t on sale that week.  What a relief that you might not die from eating it!  Back up, E. coli, I’m good this week!

Well, this morning, my relief comes because I don’t smell like a dead animal!  Score!

Yesterday, I kept smelling this ‘smell’ while I was working.  I got up, washed my hands AGAIN, even up to my elbows.  And still, I could smell this smell, you know.  Finally I thought I had it figured out as my sweaty bra, from exercising.

So imagine my surprise this morning when, yet again, I smelled that smell…and I’m in clean undies and clean clothes, freshly bathed and everything.  So I went in search of unaccounted for odors.

As it turns out, NOT ME or my sweaty bra.  Small dead animal directly under my newly opened bedroom window.

Oh, what a relief! I don’t smell like a dead animal! Yay!


7 thoughts on “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz….

  1. LOL . . . wow, that says a lot about you if you think your sweaty stuff smells like a dead animal. That’s hilarious!

    • It was a poor little birdie. I don’t see cats around here, so I’m going to guess he was either too little to fly and got blown out a nest or was just an old guy who came full circle. I’m glad it wasn’t me either! You just don’t know – I was stressing it!

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