It is the east, and bacon is the sun.

Bacon.  Is it really bad for me?  I mean, it goes with anything.  Seriously.  I would eat it on a hamburger, on a grilled cheese, with some apple slices, in a salad, or crumbled over some sauteed veggies.  Very versatile.  I also think, not taking into account possible attacks from possible packs of ravenous dogs, that it would make a very nice grass skirt in case you were stranded on an island that had lots of bacon available.  Nom nom nom bacon grass skirt with booby holder made of bacon.  How much more fun would hula dancers be?  Oh man!

Which brings me to my question – is there bacon vodka?  I also feel that vodka is very versatile.  It goes with milk or coffee in the mornings, with iced tea at lunch and with anything at dinner.  You can put it in brownies, or milkshakes, or smoothies.  I mean, seriously, you can.  You can marinate in it, you or a steak, or raisins.  And if it was in a waterfall on my deserted island, I would drink it while wearing my bacon loincloth.

So is there bacon vodka?  I think it would pair well with a fried egg and grits mixer.  Just saying.  Well, when I get totally thin and rationally healthy, I want a straight up vodka with a slice of bacon in it.  You’re right, that’s crazy – put three slices in it.  I don’t drink anymore and I eat bacon so rarely that it’s like having sex when I do eat it.  In fact, I’m salivating even now just thinking about eating it.  Nom nom nom bacon!

Stop watching me; this is a private moment.  Nom nom nom nom nom bacon!


5 thoughts on “It is the east, and bacon is the sun.

  1. There are now chocolate bacon bars. Once your ready for some vodka and bacon I think you should find one of those bars and put that in your drink. mmmmmm! Cheers.

    • I actually purchased, from a Boy Scout yard sale, homemade chocolate chip bacon cookies. So nasty. Soooooo nasty. Gave the other two in the bag away. ugh. And I didn’t even have a cat’s butt to lick and get the taste out of my mouth. So gross. But thanks and yet no thanks! I’ll probably never go back to consuming mass quantities of gratuitous bacon, or liquor either actually. Having thus far escaped a heart attack and/or liver failure, I feel I should from this point forward be more healthy! (Did you see me standing, Xena warrior pose like, hands on hip, as I said that, with a bright light shining on me?) I’m actually digging being me right now. But I digress.

      • oh, yes Xena is definitely. . . healthy. Glad you’re are still here to keep us laughing. Cheers.

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