I’m alive! I’m alive! I’mmmmmmmmmm alive!

Okay, I made it! 28 floors, in 23 minutes and 49 seconds.  Not a record breaker by any means but I didn’t die and I actually consider that a personal accomplishment!

The winners (but really weren’t we all winners?) had times of *ahem* 3 minutes and such like that.  Whatever.  What kind of overachiever can do 28 floors in three minutes?  I wish I could say I think he cheated and took the elevator but he probably didn’t.  UGH.

So I should probably come clean with the whole truth, before it’s made public.

In darts, when you play on a team, you play for a whole season and at the end of these weekly competitions with some of the best dart throwers in the county, you get rankings that come with cash prizes and a trophy.  If you come in last place, you’re given a key-chain with a donkey on it.  It’s known as The Jackass Award.  Despite coming in second place the first year I played, and pocketing around $300 between me and my ex-GF, the next year I won the Jackass Award and still have my coveted key-chain.

I waited around today after the climb, for my Jackass Award, but apparently on a CF stair climb, you don’t get such a distinguished trophy – only a bottle of cool water, an icy washcloth, and my name as distinctly last on the posted times of everyone who participated.

I guess the grand prize today for me was – I’m alive!  I’m alive!  I’mmmmmmm alive!


6 thoughts on “I’m alive! I’m alive! I’mmmmmmmmmm alive!

  1. Congratulations! I’m sure your grandson doesn’t mind where you finished. I mean, come on, not every kid gets his grandma to shave his name on the side of her head. 🙂 Cheers.

    • What do you mean? Other grandmas don’t do that? Whaaaaat? Oh, c’mon. They have a grandma that lives nearby so I’ve got to do something to keep ‘ahead of the curve’, you know? I wanna be the good grandma, the one they want to visit – not the dreaded grandma. 😛

      • Just from reading your posts, I highly doubt you are the “dreaded grandma,” more like the crazy fun granny! 🙂 Cheers.

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