Spelling Counts.

So, for a while now, I’ve noticed this cookbook on my roomie’s kitchen shelf, 1001 Cockatiels.  And yes, I thought it was odd that she would cook a bird that can sing that well, but you know, that’s her private life, right?  She doesn’t ask about my cookbook, Intercourses.  Hey, don’t judge.

Well, this morning while I’m waiting on the microwave to ding, I became curious about how you would or could cook such a bird since I noticed the neighbors have one just sitting on their porch in a cage (apparently it’s common place to eat them in North Carolina and people keep them fresh and handy).

So I pulled the cookbook down, opened it up, and it’s all recipes involving liquor.  My first thought is, Damn, you get the bird drunk first?  Seems kinda harsh – I mean, a party that ends in death?  I would just say, “No thanks, I’m busy that night.”

Then I realized the book title was 1001 Cocktails.  Vaaaaastly different.  Huge sigh of relief.  Turns out, she isn’t a weirdo after all, only a heavy drinker!  As the reality of my mistake dawns on me, I think to myself, I wonder how long before the neighbors notice that bird has gotten awfully quiet out there?

(Occasionally I think I’m funny but mostly I just amuse myself.  My roomie did actually have that book and for the longest time, I DID think it said Cockatiels. 😛 )