THUG  (Ever notice that the word PARENTHOOD has the word ‘hood’ in it?)

I wish I was a raging blackout alcoholic

for then I’d have an excuse.

I wish I was severely mentally deranged

because then I’d have a reason.

I wish I was a psychopathic killer,

who stalked victims under the cover of darkness,

because then I could say it wasn’t my fault,

plus it would be easier.


                            I’m a parent,

and I chose to be one.

What kind of lunatic am I????

Why didn’t I want to grow up and become

a homicidal maniac,

a drug-addicted murderous prostitute,

a maladjusted narcissistic rapist

………………something with some meaning to it! 

Noooooooooo, I wanted to become a MOTHER.


Oh, the shame of it all.

Now, I’ll never be a role model.

Instead, I chose to be forgotten on my birthday,

(I’ll bet no one ever misses little Charlie Manson’s birthday),

I chose to be disrespected,

(I’ll bet no one disrespects Freddy Krueger),

I chose to be dismissed as someone who doesn’t count

(Oh, it’s just Mom)

(Can you imagine someone saying that to Jason Voorhees?)

Yes, instead, I chose to become synonymous with

Nobody, nothing, no one.




I have become….