My Ode to Bacon

Bacon, bacon, fried in a pan

Do you love me the way I am?

I dream of you when I wake at night

Can’t wait to get up, get you in my sight

Grab a little piece of you,

put you in my mouth, begin to chew

your juices flowing down my chin

as my face puts on a happy grin

Oh bacon, bacon where have you been

The ways that I love you, let me begin

Wrapped around a piece of meat

In a biscuit, you can’t be beat

Melted with cheese on hot toast

To tell the truth, I love you the most.

How is it that you’re so great

Yet I cheat on you when you’re off my plate

With your Cousin Ham and Brother Ribs

I’ll eat your sister if I’m given dibs.

Here, piggy piggy, come to me

I’ll love you the best just wait and see.



Sunshine for Two, please.

Have you ever actually felt

a ray of sunshine

as it caresses your skin,

warms your body,

brightens up the darkness

until it has you yearning for more?

You can lose your inhibitions,

and your clothes,

and just enjoy the light, letting it lick your whole body.

The sun always smiles when it leaves a tan,

hoping you’ll remember its caresses later.

Warm sunshine strokes

the sweet green buds

of the dogwoods along my walks.

Nature’s beauty surrounds and abounds.

Winter’s fury seems long past today,

and memories of Spring’s

innocent demeanor conjures photographs

of unfurled leaves swaying in

gentle breezes…


She sidled up to him and said,
“Maybe one day soon, we can wed”.
Now this was most peculiar, you see
as all night long, she’d been eyeballing me!

She had coal black hair, and pale green eyes
and, when she walked by, she shook her thighs.
When I saw her tattoo, outlined in blood red
I rolled up my newspaper and killed her dead.

Damn, I can’t stand spiders!

Night Falls

The silent footsteps of night approach
and, peeping through our
the moon finds us sleeping,
wrapped in each other’s arms.

Sliding graceful fingers of light
across your peaceful face,
the moon
caresses your pleasant features,
and strokes your hair. 
You murmur
quietly in your sleep
and reach for my naked body,
pulling me tightly
to your chest. 
The moon kisses your cheek softly
and moves across the
room, slowly ,
to watch a while longer,
before fading silently from view.

The sun replaces the shadows,
and kisses our satisfied faces good
Another day presents itself,
entirely for our enjoyment.