It’s raining,
And I wish you were here,
curled up in my arms,
kissing my neck as my fingers press inside you,
feeling the air leave your lungs as you gasp,
cry out ‘oh babe’ while I fuck you harder,
your mouth finding mine,
trembling kisses meshed within your cries of ecstasy,
love flowing between us as hot lava on an island,
for surely we are alone in this world we’ve created….
hot tears now,
tracing a stream down my face,
racing for the finish line of my chin,
my shirt catching them,
as reality sinks into my brain.
You aren’t mine.
You aren’t mine.
But I’m yours,
body and soul,
heart and mind.
I’m the one you’ve dreamed about,
the one who loves you unconditionally,
the one who will always love you without fail.
I am your soul mate.


Unreal Reality

“Honestly, don’t you think it’s better that we’re aren’t real?”

“Could I trace my fingertips down your spine if I were real?  No.  Could I kiss that little hollow space on your neck and trail my lips down to your breasts, gently teasing each nipple, if I were real?  No.  Could I flick my tongue across your lips if I were real?  No.  Could I gently tug on your bottom lip with my teeth until I could taste the slightest trace of blood if I were real?  No.  Could I pick you up in my arms and hold your naked body tightly against mine as we kiss passionately, deeply, sensually, if you were real?  No.  So, let’s don’t spoil it.  Let’s don’t be real.  Could I could feel your hands in my hair, gripping my head firmly in your grasp if I were real?  No.  Could I taste your wetness on my lips if you were real?  No.  Could you feel my tongue licking you if I were real?  No.  Could I hear your voice whisper in my ear of all the things you want me to do to you if you were real?  No.  Could I lie awake with you sleeping soundly, wrapped up in my arms with your head cradled on my shoulder, your soft hair trailing across my arm and my pillow, while I tenderly kiss your forehead, if you were real?  No. “

“Then, dear sweet, sexy you, let’s don’t be real.  Okay?  I’m fine.  You’re fine.  That’s all we need to know about each other.  You can’t save me.  haha  Please don’t try….life is short, doll, let’s enjoy what we do have.  What we have is simple, uncomplicated by life, and so very, very much fun.  More fun than I believe I have ever had in my entire life.  And I have had some damn good times in my life.  But, you, my sweetness, my dear sweet, wonderful, beautiful, sexy you, you are the most fun of all.  You are the Scarecrow to my Dorothy.  Because I like you most of all.  Please, let’s don’t ever be real!”

“Reality is bills, and appointments, and work, and fights, and arguments, and all the pettiness that goes along with real life…you and I will never be petty!  You and I will never argue or fight.  You and I will never have to worry about the bills.  You and I will never have to work.  You and I can make love every day because you and I will never have a period or cramps or a headache.  hahahaha  You and I will have a fine life together.  You and I will always be happy, our sex life will always be thrilling and fun, and we will always be young and desirable and HAPPY together. “

“CAN YOU LIVE WITH THAT?  Then kiss me, beautiful!  Yeah, just like that….ah…do it again, again, again.   Love it.  Love you.  xo”

Activity Book Fun.

It started with a puzzle book,
all it took was just one look,
one little caress, one little sigh
one single brush against my thigh.
Legs entwined, arms full of you,
Now what the fuck are we gonna do?
Hey, Ms. Flintstone – wanna make my bed rock?

Oh look, it’s a Fill In The Blank!
Lips, curved into a smile,
tongue, darting, rolling, teasing
eyes, flashing baby blue
teeth, I imagine them here, and here
strength, in your legs
pushing, against me
Can you feel how _______ I am
for you?

Life’s Questions…

Life’s Questions…

Hello, may I?, I asked.

You may, she replied.

Are you?, I inquired.

I am, she replied.

Do you?, I implored.

I do, she sighed.

Can I?, I asked.

Please do, she prayed.

Will you?, I asked.

I will, she replied.

Right now?, I queried.

Right now, she defied.

Right here?, I asked.

Right there, she surrendered.

Still more? I asked.

Please, more, she pleaded.

Again?, I persisted.

Again!, she screamed.

Thank you, I whispered.

Thank you, she sighed.

Not ever?, I cried.

Not now, she cried.

Maybe some day?, I wondered.

Maybe one day, she pondered.

Still love me?, I asked.

Still love you, she replied.

For always?, I demanded.

Forever, she promised.

Life’s Answers

Love Interrupted…

mia pesca dolce…my little peach
She softly whispered those words in my ear,
her voice low and sultry, caressing my soul as she did so.
mia amore bella…my beautiful love
I softly whispered back, breathing her essence into my lungs,
gently brushing my lips, across her tender heart as I did so.
Snap! Flash! The paparazzi hurled their questions,
their cameras snapped away, motors whirred, lenses turned,
A million moments crushed into one, single, photograph…
And the headlines read…
Actress Caught in Clandestine Lesbian Affair!
See Real-Life Photos of Their Secret Liaison!
I turned away, held my tears, love interrupted
by brutal ignorance, sordid accusations…
this savage public shredding of our hearts
causing two more casualties
of forbidden passions
And the next day,
the headlines read…
Two-Headed Monster Found in Lake!
Another love interrupted…
for only one day’s pay.

“Here Is A Heart”

“i wanna be here and nowhere else
rationing off bits of myself
so i can crumble at your side”

Lyrics from that song I sent you,
oh so true,
giving up pieces of myself,
compromising the only thing I have
that is truly me, truly mine – my heart.
Treasuring every second with you,
fully aware that every one may be the last one.
Living surrounded by the whims of others,
tied to you with dreams made of tissue paper,
wanting so much more,
wanting a life with you…
What part of forever am I missing?