Physical Examination

When you’re not here,
I run my tongue
along the insides of my mouth,
searching for a taste of you,
feeling the skin so tenderly and gently,
inspecting each inch of my soft tissues
for a trace of you left behind,
a piece of a kiss missed by my floss,
or perhaps a disruption in my gum
from where you held me to your groin
as you humped my mouth,
fucking my tongue in that way
that drives me crazy for you.
Tell me, sweet angel,
do you ever scour your taste buds
for a drop of me?


Good morning…

The minutes slipped away as I lay there watching Lori’s pulse jump in the hollow of her neck.  She was on her back with her head resting in the crook of her arm, breathing lightly through barely parted lips.  I expected her eyes to lazily open, cut in my direction, and for her to start speaking.  She didn’t stir. 


Her soft, supple skin was even-toned like raw sugar.  One dark nipple peeked from beneath the strip of linen covering her upper body.  The rest of the sheet went under one leg and over another, exposing a shapely thigh and calf.  The first rays of sunlight sliced through a narrow angle of the shade and cut across her face.  It was reassuring to see that Lori’s shyness disappeared when she slept. 


Her chest rose and fell underneath the sheet so rhythmically that the barely exposed nipple became hypnotic.  I licked her where her breast touched the sheet.  She didn’t flinch.  I tasted her again, this time pulling her languid nipple into the ‘O’ of my mouth.  I tugged on her breast, rolling my tongue across its peak and around the sensitive bud.  Lori’s breathing changed.  I took that as a signal to continue. Her eyes were now open and she watched as my tongue moved across her flesh.  Pleasure overrode my doubts and insecurities about my ability to please her.  Her nakedness felt like something I should wallow in. 


She shifted, exposing her other breast more fully and I moved on top of her, latching onto her greedily.  Her eyes drifted shut and she moaned low in her throat.  I kneaded and massaged her flesh, pushing her breasts together so that I could flick my tongue over both of her nipples.  She trailed her fingers along my hairline and over my earlobe.  I was grinding my hips against the mattress, my own need starting to take over.


Lori’s response was encouraging and arousing, but I didn’t want to push for more and have her change her mind.  I eased onto my side, levering myself on my elbow, and smiled down at her.  “What,” she asked, tilting her head without raising it from the pillow.  The softly spoken word held affection, but it was pregnant with something else.  “Nothing,” I replied, sure that she was asking me what I was thinking, and certain that I didn’t want to share my thoughts.  “I want to taste you.” 


It was such a matter of fact statement, like ‘I want bread’.  I moved closer to her and hooked my right leg over her hip.  She closed her eyes for an instant when my naked wetness came in contact with her thigh.  I met her gaze and watched the knowledge of our conversation pass over her face.   


When she nodded yes, I placed a quick kiss on her stomach and on her hip and then moved on to her nether lips.  Parting her with my tongue without ceremony or fanfare, I pushed my tongue into her pussy and licked her like she was a cake bowl that I was trying to clean.  I wasn’t sure if her gasp was one of pleasure or surprise, but she tilted her pelvis up to my mouth and her creaminess was on my tongue.  There was no way I was going to stop.


            The only noise in the dimly lit room was our breathing and my wet tongue stroking her wet pussy.   Her pubic hair was short and soft, not unlike the hair on her head.  Errant gray strands stood out in wiry defiance reminding me of the gaps in our age and experience.  This fact turned me on even more.  The faint taste of soap was overridden by her juiciness.  The mix of her body chemistry and the hint of what she’d bathed with intoxicated me. 


I lapped at her, begging her body to release the secrets of her soft places.  She grunted and I knew I had hit the right spot, repeating the motion again and again until her hips undulated in time with her moans.  She sighed out what could have been a yes and I pressed my face more deeply into her.  Her nails dug into my scalp urging me to apply more pressure as she pushed my head into her.


“Oh yes, lick me right there,” she said, her hips grinding in a tight circular motion.  I almost panicked for a half second, but I wanted to please her.  Her thrusts were coming faster and I felt her weight shift as her back pressed into the mattress and her hips came up to meet my mouth.  The pressure on my head increased and I licked harder, groaning my pleasure.  I continued to hold her open with one hand and, in one fluid movement, I positioned the other hand between my own legs.  I knew my climax would be a few beats behind hers.  I moaned in time to her body’s movements, seeking her release.  She came in strained gasps, her hands on my face, holding me in place.  

It was going to be a good morning.



I will blindfold you. 


I will run my tongue

lightly along your collarbone,

working my way

down your body,

teasing you

so lightly

that sometimes

you won’t be sure

if you feel my mouth or not,

so lightly that,

at times, 

you will hold your breath, 

searching your skin

for the feel of my tongue,

listening as hard as you can,

listening for the sound of my mouth…

straining to know where I am,

feeling on fire,

from the want of me,

driving yourself,

slightly insane with desire…

needing to know,

what I will kiss next.

The View…

As the elevator doors opened, I blinked against the sudden sunlight, which only outlined the figure waiting there.  As my eyes adjusted, I was very glad they had, for stepping onto the elevator was a beautiful tall woman, impeccably dressed, her hair neatly combed and pulled back in a hair-tie.  She wore sunglasses, a scarf around her neck, and well-worn cowgirl boots.  She carried a camera bag across one shoulder, her left hand easily holding it against her body.

She held the doors and said, “Are you getting off?  I’ll hold this for you.”  I lied.  “No, thank you, I was just heading up actually.”

Oh.  Well, then are you going to the top as well?“, she asked, taking off her sunglasses and clipping them to her bag, which she had settled between her boots on the floor of the elevator.  As she straightened up, I found myself looking into the most beautiful golden brown eyes I had ever seen.  I continued to lie.  “Yes.  I’m headed to the observation deck.  I was just coming up from the underground parking garage.”

Oh really?  I didn’t even know this building had one.  Well, I guess I just learned something new.  I wonder when they put that in.  Huh.”
Obviously, by now, she had realized I was lying and a sudden silence fell between us.  Taking a deep breath, I turned toward her and stuck out my hand.  “Hi.  My name is Gina, and you’re right.  I lied.  There is no underground parking garage.  I apologize.”

Whoa.  Well, Gina, (if that is your real name), my name is Coll, and why did you lie about something so silly?

Because when I saw you get on, I couldn’t resist the temptation to ride back up with you.  You looked like someone I would like to…

             I stopped, suddenly understanding that I was starting to sound like an idiot and instead I reached toward the button to push the next floor.  We were only on 14.  I could easily walk back down and chide myself along the way.  As I reached for the button, Coll’s hand stopped mine.

           As I looked up into her eyes, she said, “I looked like someone you would like to…what?  Finish your sentence, please.”

           “Like someone I would like to get to know“, I said breathlessly, her hand burning my skin.

          “Oh really?  Get to know me?  How do you know I’m not happily married?

         “You’re not wearing a wedding ring“, I replied quickly.

          “What makes you think I’m gay?

          “I just know“, I said quietly.

          “Well, then what makes you think I want to get to know you?

         “Because you’re still holding my hand“, I said meekly.

          Pulling me to her, Coll kissed me, softly, quietly, and tenderly, running her tongue across my lips, tugging my bottom lip into my mouth and nibbling it oh so gently.  Melting onto her mouth, I returned the kiss passionately, wanting more of her mouth, more of her tongue.  Reaching up blindly, I pulled the hair-tie loose and ran my hands through her chestnut hair.  She didn’t seem to mind as her lips and tongue continued to make love to my mouth.  I pulled back to catch my breath and saw that we were passing the 94th floor.

        “Oh my GodThere are going to be people waiting to get on“, I said, suddenly aware that my blouse was unbuttoned.  I began to rebutton it and Coll began to tie her hair back up.  When the door opened on the 100th floor, we were breathless and blushing, or at least I was.  Coll took my hand and led me off the elevator.  The view of Chicago was breathtaking, but even more so, was the woman beside me.


Keystroke Me.

If I laid you down,

across my keyboard

and typed

what I want to do to you

on your stomach,

would you feel me?

Would you desire my touch,

each and every one of my caresses?

Would you crave my lips,

as they traced your ribs?

Would you imagine my tongue,

dipping into that hollow of your throat?

Would you allow yourself permission

to enjoy the fragrance of me

upon your skin?

Or would you simply

hit Delete?

Lie To Me.

Lie to me.

Tell me you hate the leather.

Tell me you hate the smell,

and the feel of it against your skin.

Tell me you hate pulling against the cuffs,

and the strain in the wooden headboard as you struggle.

Lie to me!

Tell me you don’t love my hair,

trailing between your legs,

teasing your thighs.

Tell me you’re not trying desperately

to see under the blindfold.

Tell me you’re not trying to imagine

just where my tongue will go next.

Lie to me!

Tell me you wish I would stop.

Tell me you don’t want me

to lick you there,

or there,

or there.

Tell me how my breath

on the back of your knees

doesn’t turn you on.

Tell you don’t want to feel my fingers

on your nipples,




and then,



a little bit


Lie to me!

Tell me you didn’t just catch

your breath in your throat.

Lie to me!

Tell me how my teeth

on your neck

doesn’t make you wetter.

Lie to me!

Tell me my kisses are too wet.

Tell me my touches are all wrong.

Tell me you don’t secretly enjoy

my tongue in your ears,

my tongue circling your clit,

my tongue licking across your ass.

Tell me you don’t want me more now

than you did two minutes ago!

Tell me you’re not thinking about me,

about making love to me.

Tell me you don’t want me,

in your mouth,

under your hands,

between your teeth.

Tell me you don’t want me to fuck you,


right now.

Lie to me!

Tell me you don’t want to cum in my mouth.

Tell me you don’t want me to lick your wetness,

the wetness I created!

Tell me that you don’t want me to pull

that wetness up,



up and over your clit,

again and again,

until you cum for me.

Tell me you don’t want me

to touch you just like that!

Lie to me

as you scream my name.

Rent Me Something.

The camera I had installed in the office of the rental agency was certainly paying off for me today.  Originally intended for security purposes, today it was showing me a side of one of my employees that I had never seen before.  Teresa was a very professional young woman, in her mid-20s and a good addition to our office.  She was very friendly but always maintained an air of confident professionalism.  Today, however, on this hot late Spring day, she was anything but professional. 
          Teresa’s short brown-streaked hair was soaked with sweat as our air-conditioning had taken the day off.  The rest of the office was missing for various reasons and she was alone at her desk.  The summer is very slow at times and sometimes the office staff will duck out early.  Today was no exception except, for some reason today, Teresa seemed a little distracted.  I knew she thought she was alone in the office when I saw her kick off her black suede heels and then proceeded to pull off her pantyhose.  Apparently she had not seen my return from lunch. 
          I watched the camera as she peeled off her stockings and then casually propped her feet up on the end of the desk.  I smiled to myself as I took in how beautiful she was, even though she was not one of those girls who had to work at it to look good.  Her legs were shapely and tan, and I couldn’t help but admire her figure.  Then my heart took a leap into my throat, as I watched her hands suddenly disappear under her white blouse and I could see that she had went under her bra as well, her hands making the front of her blouse bunch up with the motions that she was making.  Her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, while I watched from the edge of my seat as her fingers kneaded her unseen breasts and tweaked her nipples.
         My own breathing was becoming quite erratic and I was starting to rub my bottom lip with my index finger…a habit I have when I’m a little anxious.  I could feel my own excitement building and then suddenly Teresa removed her hands from under her blouse and instead, pulled her skirt up, revealing that her pantyhose had been the only thing she had been wearing under her short black skirt.  Exposed as she was, still I could only see her hand disappear between her legs, but her face was what I was watching most expectantly, as her eyes closed again, her chest rising and falling as she teased herself.  I could see her fingers as they appeared to be moving, slowly, rhythmically, in and out from between her legs.  I found myself silently wishing I had purchased audio for this camera as well as video.
       At that moment, the phone rang breaking the scene before me as Teresa jumped up to answer it, straightening and smoothing her skirt as she dealt with the phone call. I took that opportunity to walk off what I was feeling by pacing quietly within my office.  I also decided to crack my door so that, if she returned to her previous position, I would be able to hear her as she masturbated.  I did not anticipate that happening, as the mood seemed quite broken as I watched her turn into the consummate professional once again, dealing quickly and efficiently with the customer on the phone. 
          Hanging up the phone, Teresa stood for a moment as if in deep thought and then she turned and crossed the room, turning on the office radio and finding a popular station.  A Tata Young song filled the room instantly – – and Teresa started to dance, barefooted, on the cool linoleum, her body swaying to the music.  I watched as she ran her hands through her hair, her body moving seductively to the beat of the song. 
         Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was really enjoying the song she was dancing to. 
I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy – Just like all my thoughts, they always get a bit naughty – When I’m out with my girls, I always play a bit bitchy – Can’t change the way I am, sexy naughty bitchy me”.  The way she was moving was so sensual and I was really glad I had cracked the office door, because listening to her sweet voice as she sang along to the radio really made me smile.
         Teresa started to move her hands down her arms, crossed across her breasts, and then down her sides, swaying in time to the music.  I was enjoying the show very much, as it was like having my own private dancer right in front of me.  At that moment, she crossed the room out of my line of sight, and suddenly my office door opened, her profile filling my doorway.  She did not look surprised to see me at all, and instantly crooked her index finger at me, beckoning me forward.  “Don’t look so surprised.  I knew you were here all the time.  I have seen the way you look at me, and I know that look.  Come here, dance with me, or are you just content with watching me on the camera?”  I didn’t say a word in protest, only took her hand and started to follow her back to the music.
        Being this close to Teresa made me feel quite intoxicated, even though I had drank nothing in days.  As I started to follow her back into the main office, something came over me and I spun her around, firmly pushing her against the wall in the hallway.  Her eyes were wide at first, but she did not resist me, as I pushed my leg between hers and started to kiss her neck, holding her arms above her head.  I could feel her nails digging into my hands as my teeth grazed her skin, and I suddenly wanted to taste her very badly.
        Grabbing her pantyhose from her desk, I wrapped them quickly around her wrists and sat her in a wooden chair, tying the other end of the pantyhose to the back of the chair.  She watched me, saying nothing, her chest heaving with anticipation of what was to come.  I pushed her skirt up so that I could see all of her for the first time, and my knees became a little bit weak at that moment.  I could see her wetness glistening, and I wanted her even more.
         Kneeling in front of her, I spread her legs and r
unning my tongue along the slit, I could feel her wetness almost throbbing.  I felt the warmth radiating from her, and I delighted in this.  I knew she wanted, was waiting for actually, my tongue to plunge into her creamy wetness but I teased a bit longer, letting the excitement build between us.  I wanted to taste her just as much as she desired it, but I held myself in check, only allowing the very tip of my tongue to graze the rim of her wetness, and then cradling her body in my arms, the rim of her ass as well. 
        Feeling her pushing against my tongue and mouth only further excited me but, tightly bound as she was, her struggles were, for the most part, an exercise in futility.  Her body wanted my tongue but it was going to have to wait a bit longer and, with every struggle against her ties, I forced myself to slow down just a little bit more, feeding the anticipation, making both of us even more hungry than we already were.  My teeth wanted nothing more than to bite into her tender skin but still I waited, ripening the moment between us until the air felt ready to burst.
       Reaching over to loosen her bonds, I notice there was a fire in her eyes that burned with a sharp intensity and, for a moment, I wondered if I should leave her bound a bit longer.  Wanting that fire to be unleashed on my body, though, was something I was anticipating as well, and my fingers trailed across the front of her blouse and, finding her nipples, I tugged on them, one by one, our eyes still locked, as my fingers untied the knots that held her to the chair. 
        As the last knot became loose, she suddenly sprang on me, knocking me backwards onto the floor, her strong arms easily pinning me, her mouth finding mine, her teeth finding my lips, and I closed my eyes, savoring every moment.  And then, the moment I had waited for came; she climbed up and straddled my mouth.  I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her tightly onto my tongue…the sweet deliciousness of her arousal excited me and I licked at her greedily.  I loved the way she tasted and I loved her hands in my hair for they had found their way there, and the more she held onto me, the tighter I held onto her, and the faster I licked her. As her body ground into my mouth, I could hear her starting to cum, and I sucked her clit into my mouth, feeling her spasm on my tongue.  Oh my God, I love hot Spring days at the office!

My Mouth…

My Mouth…
One of our most enjoyable parts of daily living has to do with our mouth.  This ‘oral’ organ, the one part of body which allows us to speak through it, consists primarily of our lips and our tongue.  Oh, of course, there is so much more to it than that but let’s keep it simple for the sake of this discussion. 
I was thinking today of how, when we are wee small children, we first ‘discover’ our mouths.  I’m sure a lot of us probably sucked on our thumbs from time to time, seeking a source of comfort somehow.  Our mouths are so important to us, don’t you agree?  Providing access by which we communicate with one another…providing, at the same time, access by which we are able to survive life with sustenance in the form of the intake of food.
I was thinking of all the things that my mouth has done in my lifetime.  It has actually been very busy!  I remember eating huckleberries as a small child, the purple hues staining my lips and tongue and, oh, the glorious sweet taste of them!  I am not even sure that huckleberries even exist anymore.  What a shame if they don’t…another slice of Americana lost to the boom of construction in Florida.  I remember my mouth puckering up instantly the first time I tried a persimmon that wasn’t quite ripe!  Wow.  Now that is a tartness you don’t forget anytime soon!  I also remember the first time I had lobster, the sweet delicate meat dipped in butter…ahhh, that’s a tasty memory right there! 
I remember my mouth, my tongue in particular, being a source of amusement for my older relatives when I was about 4 years old.  They would have me hold my tongue with a thumb and index finger and then ask me to say, “I got down inside of a ditch”.  Yeah, go on, try it.  Kind of sounds like, “Goddamn son-of-a-bitch”, doesn’t it?  Yeah…I was quite entertaining at family reunions to a bunch of half-drunk older people!  And all with my mouth! 
School was a big part of my mouth’s growing up period.  I remember my mouth being used for lots of things of a more learned nature – the debate team, Spanish club, music class, as well as just for chitchatting with my friends in school, something which often led to me being in trouble, because of my mouth!  But I was always polite, another thing my mouth made sure of…teachers were to be respected, as individuals who were wise beyond comprehension.
I remember too a “first kiss“, that butterflies in the stomach feeling, of hoping you are doing ‘it’ right, scared of bad breath, scared they won’t like you, scared they’ll like you too much!  Yes, surely my lips trembled on that day.  I remember also the first kiss that I gave my new babies, that gentle sweep of lips to forehead, feeling their tender skin beneath my tender lips, instantly filling me with pride and such a sense of motherhood.  No mother will ever forget that first kiss.  And all because of that glorious unsung hero, the mouth.
Well, yes, the mouth is a hero!  You didn’t know that?  Come on!  What is it that yells for help when a fire breaks out in the neighborhood?  The mouth!  Or when we see someone being attacked?  The mouth!  HELPPPPPPPPPP!  Oh yeah, it’s the mouth!  The eyes take it in, the ears hear it all, the hands may wave about it, the nose may smell trouble but it’s the mouth, that hero of heroes, who leaps into action and wakes up the rest of the neighbors! 
So, let’s give praise today for the wonderful organ of the body that we sometimes take for granted – the mouth.  And notice, if you will, I didn’t mention sex once.  So, we won’t even get started there but rather we’ll end here.