…And I looked up and there you were.  And I wondered if you knew.

…And I wondered if you could hear my mind racing from across the room, so loud were my thoughts, like the hoof-beats of a thousand frightened mustangs.

…And I wondered if you could see my pulse quicken beneath my skin, so erratic was my heart beating in my chest.

…And I wondered if you could taste my emotions, so strong they were, like the copper tartness a penny leaves when you’ve held it in your hand for too long.

…And I wondered if you could smell my fear, crowding up in my throat, struggling for a breath of you.

…And I wondered if you could feel my longing, for surely it must be visible, dripping maddeningly, dizzyingly, across my face like a water-soaked canvas caught in a sudden downpour.

…And I wondered if you knew how drawn to you I feel, much like the proverbial moth to the eternal open flame at twilight.

And then you turned around,

the moment passed,

and still….

I wondered if you knew.


I wonder…

I wonder if the scrape of your teeth

will have the same affect on me as your voice.

I wonder if the taste of your skin

will stay in my mind like your words do.

I wonder…

I wonder if the wetness will pull me in, teasing me, like you do.

I wonder if the satisfaction will be as complete,

washing over me like a wave,

saturating me entirely.

I wonder…

I wonder if the feel of your fingertips

will bring me off the bed, like mine do.

I wonder if your tongue will make me shiver

as the thought of it does.

I wonder…

I wonder if your body will turn into me,

like it does in my fantasies,

folding up inside my arms.

I wonder if your lips will taste more like you,

or more like me, when I’m through with you,

although, really, will I ever be through?

I wonder…