A story for my grandson…

Prince Caleb and The Dragon.

 Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a little boy named Prince Caleb.  Prince Caleb lived in a castle with his mother, the lovely Queen Charlotte, his father King Mike and his two brothers, Michael and Corbin. 

 Queen Charlotte was known far and wide for being a very good mom and Prince Caleb loved her very much. 

 Every day, when Prince Caleb would go outside to play, Queen Charlotte would watch over him, from the castle window, to make sure that no dragons flew down and ate him; this made Prince Caleb very happy.

 There was one dragon that every one in the village of Riverview feared the most, and Queen Charlotte always had several guards posted to keep a lookout especially for him. 

This dragon was a little larger than most dragons, and had a giant tail with retractable blades.  He had several large horns on the back of his head, and could spit fire for a couple hundred yards.  The villagers called him Fireball. 

 Prince Caleb dreamed of slaying Fireball one day and so he practiced with his sword every night and, even though he was only five, he was a very good swordsman. 

 Queen Charlotte was very proud of Prince Caleb and, because he practiced so hard, she had her sword maker build him the finest sword made of the best steel in the land.  His initials were carved in the handle so that everyone would know it was his sword. 

 One Spring day, while Prince Caleb was playing with his softball in the courtyard, Fireball circled the castle, casting his enormous shadow over Queen Charlotte who was doing jumping jacks in the early afternoon sun. 

 Prince Caleb ran as fast as his legs could carry him, up the castle stairs to his room, and took his sword from the sheath where it hung on the wall.  The steel glistened and shone in the bright sunlight coming through the open window. 

 Fireball had circled the castle again, this time a little lower, by the time Prince Caleb rushed back downstairs and out into the courtyard.  Queen Charlotte had grabbed her own sword, and mother and son stood side by side as Fireball circled the castle once again.

 High in the clouds, Fireball looked down and, seeing the pair standing so fiercely protective of each other and their home, made him circle again, still thinking over whether to attack or not.

 Fireball was very old and, therefore, very wise, and he had not gotten this old by making stupid mistakes.  Fireball thought to himself, “This mother would die for this son, and this son would fight to the death for this mother.  Hmmmm…”

 And, so Fireball circled the castle again, going higher this time, instead of lower.  “I have no wish to get hurt, and these two will hurt me.  Perhaps I should reconsider this attack.  The sword in the young one’s hands could fatally wound me.”

 Down on the ground, Queen Charlotte and Prince Caleb stood silently, watching Fireball circling higher.  Finally, Queen Charlotte spoke, “Caleb, I think the dragon is leaving.  I wonder what changed his mind about the attack.”

 Prince Caleb said, “I know what it is, Mom.  It is my mighty sword.  Fireball is afraid of my sword!”  Queen Charlotte looked down at her little warrior and smiled, “Yes, perhaps you are right.  Fireball would be a fool to mess with you.”  Prince Caleb smiled.  He couldn’t wait to tell Michael and Corbin about how he had faced down Fireball.  It had turned out to be a great day after all.



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